I Marmi
Calacatta has been considered a luxury marble since Ancient Rome first began to quarry it from mountains of Carrara in Italy. Thousands of years later and it is considered one of the most beautiful marbles the world over. In nature this stone is to grey and gold tones but with the advent of modern technology we are limited only be our imagination. Taking some of the most beautiful viewing patterns found in nature and re-imagining them in hues of blue we present Calacatta Oceanic.

Matte & Polished
12″ x 24″ (54 faces)
24″ x 48″ (26 faces)
1/2″ x 12″ Pencil Bullnose

Matte Only
2″ x 2″ Mosaic

Inside Support
Debra Sigel: 855-252-0663

Slab Sales
Rae Grafe: 619-392-4512

Tile Sales Nor Cal
Peter Johnson: 408-439-1852
Steve Johnson: 408-590-7171

Tile Sales So Cal
Rae Grafe: 619-392-4512

Example faces shown below. For additional options click here.


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San Rafael, CA 94901
Inside Support: 855-252-0663

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Slab Sales
Rae Grafe - 619-392-4512

Tile Sales Nor Cal
Peter Johnson - 408-439-1852
Regional Sales Manager - Northern California

Tile Sales So Cal
Rae Grafe - 619-392-4512

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