DURAT Palace is a special collaboration between DURAT and MOST Collective.

We started this journey to imagine different possibilities for DURAT.  We were inspired by the multi-colored mini monoliths with so much personality and possibility. 

The core of the Durat Palace collection are the shimmering flecks made of natural mineral pigments. The pigments are manufactured in a Dutch, 17th century paintmill that works in an old windmill.

The use of the natural pigments translates into a precious feeling rooted into something very real: our love for this planet.  All with the motivation to create a sustainable and beautiful future.

Standard Sheet: 31.5″ x 114.17″ x .47″
Custom Sizes & Thicknesses Available including larger jumbo sizes.

Standard colors palette shown below. Over 720 custom colors also available including most RAL Classic colors. Speckle density and color can also be customized

Integrated sinks, pre-fabricated tables, benches, tubs, shower pans and vanities are availabile. Inquire for more informaiton.

Inside Support
Debra Sigel: 855-252-0663

Slab Sales
Rae Grafe: 619-392-4512

Tile Sales Nor Cal
Peter Johnson: 408-439-1852
Steve Johnson: 408-590-7171

Tile Sales So Cal
Rae Grafe: 619-392-4512


846 Francisco Blvd W
San Rafael, CA 94901
Inside Support: 855-252-0663

1975 W Avenue 140th
San Leandro, CA 94577

Slab Sales
Rae Grafe - 619-392-4512

Tile Sales Nor Cal
Peter Johnson - 408-439-1852
Regional Sales Manager - Northern California

Tile Sales So Cal
Rae Grafe - 619-392-4512

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