We have given a fresh interpretation of resin from a more contemporary point of view, trying to maintain its eclectic nature and versatility of application. The search for the perfect color palette and the tactile nature of the slabs was one of our research objectives. We were seeking to obtain a more emotionally sophisticated product, able to focus on the outstanding production ability of our company; a product with a material perception able to change depending on the distance it is observed from.

12” x 24” (13.56 sf/box – 7 pieces)
Turtle Hexagon Mosaic (15” x 13” sheet)
3” x 24” Bullnose

George Awad
Regional Sales Manager - Northern California
Cell: 415-548-3009

Rae Grafe
Regional Sales Manager - Southern California
Cell: 619-392-4512

Inside Support
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George Awad: 415-548-3009 Regional Sales Manager - Northern California Rae Grafe: 619-392-4512 Regional Sales Manager - Southern California

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