Listone D
The ultimate in warmth, genuineness and time-worn beauty. The best of the wood-look in porcelain stoneware. The planks’ warm, natural mixture of colors features different vein patterns and shades. The variation is carefully chosen for the most attractive effect, with no defects or blemishes. Listone D is also ideal for installation on walls. The natural finish is so good to touch and walk over even with bare feet. This is a universal satined, velvety, elegant finish.

6” x 36” (8.716 sf/box – 6 pieces)

George Awad
Regional Sales Manager - Northern California
Cell: 415-548-3009

Rae Grafe
Regional Sales Manager - Southern California
Cell: 619-392-4512

Inside Support
Office: 855-252-0663

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George Awad: 415-548-3009 Regional Sales Manager - Northern California Rae Grafe: 619-392-4512 Regional Sales Manager - Southern California

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