Progetto L14

The virtue of a painting is that of being a feast for the eyes. A building is a palette in the hands of an architect. Splashes of colour give it life. Unusual shapes model its walls. In it we find tri-dimensional outlines, cuts, bar codes, matrices. Creation in furnishing.

Progetto L14 is a line of wall tiles offering vibrant colors, blacks, and whites, combined with exciting surfaces.  The result is walls that come alive with texture.

4″ x 16″ (7.75 sf/box – 18 pieces)
8″ x 16″ (18.08 sf/box – 21 pieces)

George Awad
Regional Sales Manager - Northern California
Cell: 415-548-3009

Rae Grafe
Regional Sales Manager - Southern California
Cell: 619-392-4512

Inside Support
Office: 855-252-0663

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George Awad: 415-548-3009 Regional Sales Manager - Northern California Rae Grafe: 619-392-4512 Regional Sales Manager - Southern California

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